Print Alternative Name of Stock Item in Tally (Invoices, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders)

From this Add on we can print the alternative Name of Stock Item, in many businesses we have to print different name of stock items, to what is entered in our Tally Company.


For Example, the Item name entered in Tally Company is as Iron Nut Bolt but in Invoice we want print as 24’ Iron Nut Bolt Set, we have created only one item with the name Iron Nut Bolt but while printing in business documents we want to give more description so that customer can understand.


If we use this add on it will simplify our work as have to create only one stock item instead of creating multiple stock items, or we have to manufacture the items and pass stock journal entries.

There are many scenarios where this add on can be used.



We have added one additional User Defined Field after the Stock Item Name, it will print alternative stock item name in business documents if we enter the description in User defined field, for example we have entered 24’ Iron Nut Bolt Set so it will print the same.

In Default Print Out

As we can see that the Stock Item name is Iron Nut Bolt but in the print out it is 24′ Iron Nut Bolt Set.


In Customized Print Out

If we print in default it will always be Iron Nut Bolt.



More Enhancements

Further more enhancements can be done as per business requirements, for example one customer wants print out with as it is in their data base and  other customer wants the name as it is in their data base system.


There are lots of possibilities and we can take our Tally to the next level with Add on’s for complete automation.

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