95% of all data loss incidents involve human error. Whether deliberate or accidental, humans are the weakest link in Data Loss.


The accidental and deliberate will be equally divided when it comes to Tally Data, You can only imagine how it will impact your business if your critical company data is shared with your competitors.

As a business consultant we come across this kind of deliberate sharing of business data with competitors. Small to medium businesses the Management generally do not have complete know how and depend on individuals or external IT resources.


Every Organization have different data security requirements, from our experience even the built in default security settings are not configured.

Some organizations will require more micro level  security features  (restrictions on data entry or information access of reports), additional controls which can be implemented through customization.

Some organizations will require macro level security (Company Data Files Protection & deletion), Tally Solutions FZE have a dedicated TallyPrime Server Software which achieves the requirement and we also have alternative solutions to achieve this requirements.


The Management should consider Data protection as number one priority whether Macro level & Micro level, it can be implemented through default software security settings, or through additional customization, or through Tally Prime Server or Alternative options available .

If you want to have Bullet proof & Comprehensive Data Security of your Company financial data contact us for Professional Advice, we can plan and implement Data Security Strategy as per your organizations requirement, that will comparable to most high end ERP systems.




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