Generating & Printing QR Code in TallyPrime

QR code (Quick Response Code) is a convenient way to store all kinds of data or information in a small space. Now customers can add QR Codes in Tally invoices or Tally Reports or TallyPrime Screen depending upon the IRN response. By default, this QR Code will have IRN and other information. Generally, QR codes uses to make UPI payments, company details like item details, addresses, phone numbers, E-mail addresses, company websites, URLs, Google Location and many more.

From TallyPrime customers can print QR Code in the transactions like Sales, Credit Note, Debit Note, POS, and Receipt as tax invoice, and so on. This helps the customers to print the required details in the QR Code.

You can now print the QR Code in your customization as well based on your requirements.

For any information required to be read by digital devices the QR Code can be printed any business document.

Print QR Codes in TallyPrime


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